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This webpage is a marvel on connectivity. It is driven by, and connected to five different social networks. Our menu page is powered by an Instagram API. When you click on one of our great menu items, you can click through to Instagram and leave your comments or ask questions. Our music page is powered by Tumblr. We are able to upload photos, show posters, music, videos and a lot more from the musical acts that perform for us.


That's not all though. Our "social" page also has embedded feeds from Facebook and Twitter. This way, those of you who don't do the social media thing can still see what we are up to online! We love to connect with our customers on Facebook. Bubba himself is often on Facebook making posts and commenting on others posts.


Still more? Yup. Our videos page will display videos from our YouTube channel! This is a great way to see some of the memorable moments from our best weekends! Finally, though it's not quite the same - our calendar is powered by Google and it is shared so if you want to keep up with us, you can add our calendar to your computer or personal device!

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About this website

This website is a fully integrated social experience. We believe that businesses achieve greatness not only through strength of product, and commitment to service, but through relationships. We are online with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Tumblr and more. All of these power this website. Because out website it powered by social media, those who wouldn't normally spend time on Facebook, Twitter, or the like can be part of the conversation as well. This "social" site will help us build relationships with all of our customers - even those who don't normally interact online. Take a look around, stay a while, and connect with us!

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Monday - Sunday: 10:00am - Last Call


(360) 793-3950

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924 Stevens Ave, Sultan, WA 98294